how to care and cleaning tungsten alloy jewelry

Tungsten alloy can make many pretty fashion jewelry and watch. Due to its nature, the hardness(The hardness is  HV 10K, second only to diamond,It hardness is 4 times of Ti and two times of  steel。almost scratchless. The bright and clean pure as a mirrow . These character makes  More and more people prefer watches or jewelry made by tungsten alloy..

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But it also need us to care and clean them properly, to make them looks like new.


1、don’t put diamond and tungsten alloy jewelry together. incase they scratch each other.

2、stay away from the chemicals, especially the corrosivity chemicals.

3、don’t knock it.


1、Polished jewelry should clean it with a cotton cloth can find it bright  back

2、frost surface or inset gold,silver can soak in soap. take out, wash by water and get dried.

3、the golden part can use liquor of NaCO3.

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