Tomb-sweeping Day: we have to work overtime

What is Tomb-sweeping day?
Tomb-sweeping day is a very important festival in china. At that day ,
people have one day holiday , and they always go home and sacrifice to
ancestor. But this year, we have to work overtime at Tomb-sweeping day
to do some order handing.

work overtime

Why people choose work overtime at Tomb-sweeping day?
In fact, work overtime is quite normal. On the one hand, for many young
people, work is very important and interesting. On the other hand, some
people are hard to get back home to sacrifice to ancestor at Tomb-sweeping
day, because their hometown may be far from their working and living place.

Why we choose work overtime at this Tomb-sweeping day?
At this Tomb-sweeping day, our business are pretty good. That is the main
reason for working overtime. By the way, we are the manufacturer of tungsten
carbide, we have been in this field for more than 12 years.

Are you working overtime at Tomb-sweeping day? What is your idea about
work overtime? If you do not need to work overtime at that day, just enjoy it!

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